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Mini Ball Valve-FFMini Ball Valve-FF Mini Ball Valve-FMMini Ball Valve-FM Mini Ball Valve-MMMini Ball Valve-MM 1PC Ball Valve-QF1011PC Ball Valve-QF101 1PC Ball Valve-QF1021PC Ball Valve-QF102 1PC Ball Valve-QF1031PC Ball Valve-QF103 1PC BALL VALVE-QF-1041PC BALL VALVE-QF-104 1PC Ball Valve-QF1051PC Ball Valve-QF105 1PC Ball Valve-QF1061PC Ball Valve-QF106 1PC Ball Valve-QF102M1PC Ball Valve-QF102M 3PC Sanitary Butt Weld Ball Valve-QF3053PC Sanitary Butt Weld Ball Valve-QF305 1PC Ball Valve-QF107/1081PC Ball Valve-QF107/108 3PC Sanitary Butt Weld Ball Valv-QF305M3PC Sanitary Butt Weld Ball Valv-QF305M 3PC Sanitary Long-Butt Weld Ball Valve-QF306SL3PC Sanitary Long-Butt Weld Ball Valve-QF306SL 2PC Ball Valve-QF2012PC Ball Valve-QF201 2PC Ball Valve-QF2022PC Ball Valve-QF202 2PC Ball Valve-QF2032PC Ball Valve-QF203 2PC Ball Valve-QF203M2PC Ball Valve-QF203M 2PC Ball Valve-QF2042PC Ball Valve-QF204 2PC Ball Valve-QF2052PC Ball Valve-QF205 2PC Ball Valve-QF2062PC Ball Valve-QF206 2PC Ball Valve-QF2072PC Ball Valve-QF207 2PC Ball Valve-QF2082PC Ball Valve-QF208 2PC Ball Valve-QF2092PC Ball Valve-QF209 2PC Ball Valve-QF2132PC Ball Valve-QF213 2PC Ball Valve-QF2242PC Ball Valve-QF224 2PC Ball Valve-QF2102PC Ball Valve-QF210 2PC Ball Valve-QF2112PC Ball Valve-QF211 2PC Ball Valve-QF2122PC Ball Valve-QF212 2PC Ball Valve-QF2142PC Ball Valve-QF214 2PC Ball Valve-QF2182PC Ball Valve-QF218 2PC Ball Valve-QF2192PC Ball Valve-QF219 2PC Ball Valve-QF2222PC Ball Valve-QF222 2PC Ball Valve-QF2282PC Ball Valve-QF228 3PC Ball Valve-QF3013PC Ball Valve-QF301 3PC Ball Valve-QF3023PC Ball Valve-QF302 3PC Ball Valve-QF3033PC Ball Valve-QF303 3PC Ball Valve-QF3043PC Ball Valve-QF304 3PC Ball Valve-QF302M3PC Ball Valve-QF302M 1PC Wafer Flanged Ball Valve (DIN)-QF101F1PC Wafer Flanged Ball Valve (DIN)-QF101F 3PC Ball Valve-QF3063PC Ball Valve-QF306 3PC Ball Valve-CD3013PC Ball Valve-CD301 1PC Wafer Flanged Ball Valve-QF101M1PC Wafer Flanged Ball Valve-QF101M 1PC Ansi Flanged Ball Valve-QF102MF1PC Ansi Flanged Ball Valve-QF102MF 3PC Ball Valve-QF3073PC Ball Valve-QF307 NO RETENTION TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE - QF390SNO RETENTION TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE - QF390S SANITARY TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE - QF410SSANITARY TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE - QF410S 2PC SANITARY TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE - QF270S2PC SANITARY TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE - QF270S  3PC SANITARY TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE WITH IS05211 PAD - QF370MS 3PC SANITARY TRI-CLAMP BALL VALVE WITH IS05211 PAD - QF370MS 3PC Ball Valve-QF370S3PC Ball Valve-QF370S 3PC Ball Valve-QF3333PC Ball Valve-QF333 1PC Wafer Din Flanged Ball Valve-QF103MF1PC Wafer Din Flanged Ball Valve-QF103MF 3PC Ball Valve-QF3203PC Ball Valve-QF320 3PC Ball Valve-QF3263PC Ball Valve-QF326 2PC Flanged Ball Valve (ANSI)-QF201F2PC Flanged Ball Valve (ANSI)-QF201F 3PC Ball Valve-QF3273PC Ball Valve-QF327 2PC Flanged Ball Valve-QF201M2PC Flanged Ball Valve-QF201M 2PC JIS Flanged Ball Valve -QF202FM2PC JIS Flanged Ball Valve -QF202FM 2PC jIS Flanged Ball Valve-QF202FM2PC jIS Flanged Ball Valve-QF202FM 2PC JIS Flanged Ball Valve-QF202FDM2PC JIS Flanged Ball Valve-QF202FDM 2PC Flanged Ball Valve (DIN)-QF203F2PC Flanged Ball Valve (DIN)-QF203F 2PC Flanged Ball Valve-QF203MD2PC Flanged Ball Valve-QF203MD 2PC Din Flanged Ball Valve-QF203MD2PC Din Flanged Ball Valve-QF203MD 3PC Flanged Ball Valve (DIN)-QF301F3PC Flanged Ball Valve (DIN)-QF301F 3PC Flanged Ball Valve-QF301M)3PC Flanged Ball Valve-QF301M) 3WAY Flanged L/T Ball Valve-QF407MF3WAY Flanged L/T Ball Valve-QF407MF 3-Way Ball Valve-QF4103-Way Ball Valve-QF410 3-Way Ball Valve-QF401L/T3-Way Ball Valve-QF401L/T Y-Strainer-QF502Y-Strainer-QF502 Y-Strainer With Small Plug-QF504Y-Strainer With Small Plug-QF504 Y-StrainerY-Strainer Wafer Check Valve-QF509Wafer Check Valve-QF509 Spring Check Valve-QF507Spring Check Valve-QF507 Spring Check Valve-QF506Spring Check Valve-QF506 Wafer Check Valve-QF505Wafer Check Valve-QF505 Y-Spring Check Valve-QF503Y-Spring Check Valve-QF503 Swing Check Valve-QF601Swing Check Valve-QF601 Globe Valve-QF801Globe Valve-QF801 4WAY Flanged L/T Ball Valve-QF408MF4WAY Flanged L/T Ball Valve-QF408MF Gate Valve-QF901Gate Valve-QF901 Bibcock Ball Valve-QF202WBibcock Ball Valve-QF202W Bibcock Ball Valve-QF203WBibcock Ball Valve-QF203W OEM BALL VALVE-QF226OEM BALL VALVE-QF226 OEM BALL VALVE-QF225OEM BALL VALVE-QF225 OEM & CustomOEM & Custom 90° ELBOW (QF01)90° ELBOW (QF01) TEE(QF02)TEE(QF02) CROSS(QF03)CROSS(QF03) STREET ELBOW(QF04)STREET ELBOW(QF04) 45° ELBOW(QF05)45° ELBOW(QF05) UNION-M/F (QF06)UNION-M/F (QF06) UNION-F/F (QF06)UNION-F/F (QF06) SQUARE PLUG(QF07)SQUARE PLUG(QF07) HEXAGON PLUG(QF08)HEXAGON PLUG(QF08) HEXAGON BUSHING(QF09)HEXAGON BUSHING(QF09) HEXAGON NIPPLE(QF10)HEXAGON NIPPLE(QF10) HEXAGON CAP(QF11)HEXAGON CAP(QF11) ROUND CAP(QF12)ROUND CAP(QF12) REDUCING SOCKET BANDER(QF13)REDUCING SOCKET BANDER(QF13) SOCKET BANDED(QF14)SOCKET BANDED(QF14) SOCKET PLAIN(QF15)SOCKET PLAIN(QF15) 1/2 SOCKET O.D. MACHINED(QF16)1/2 SOCKET O.D. MACHINED(QF16) HOSE NIPPLE(QF17)HOSE NIPPLE(QF17) HEXAGON NUT(QF18)HEXAGON NUT(QF18) HEXAGON NUT(QF19)HEXAGON NUT(QF19) BARREL NIPPLE(QF20)BARREL NIPPLE(QF20) WELDING NIPPLE(QF21)WELDING NIPPLE(QF21) Floating Balls,Fixed BallsFloating Balls,Fixed Balls

Cangzhou Qunfeng Stainless Steel Products Co.,LTD, specializes in the production of high performance, corrosion resistant ball valves  pipe fittings and OEM products.  

Our goal is to be the best supplier in the water well industry,” proclaims Sunjigang. “With employee dedication and an excellent customer service staff, Qunfeng strives to provide every customer with satisfaction plus. "Let us join hand and create a bright future in the stainless steel industry……>> Read More


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